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Our Value Proposition

Sound financial planning and investment services can make a big difference in our financial lives. Research from The Vanguard Group shows that “financial advisors may add about 3 percentage points of value in net portfolio returns over time. Advisors can create this additional value through portfolio construction, behavioral coaching that ensures clients maintain a disciplined investment plan, and wealth management. (view research report)

At Level Paths, we strive to help you find the straightest line to achieving your goals by offering an array of financial planning and investment services.  Three things set us apart…easy as A-B-C.

Advice: We strive to generate clear planning and investment opportunities with significant cost savings versus our competitors. We have no minimum investment requirement; we simply desire long term ‘win/win’ relationships with our clients.

Behavioral Coaching: Getting the BIG financial principles (or habits) right has always been the greatest determiner of financial success. Thus we provide engaging financial training and progress reporting to help our clients master the key biblical financial principles across the disciplines of Personal Finance, Investing, and Estate and Legacy Planning.  

Convenient Services: see 'our culture of convenience’ pledge in the “Our Team” portion of our site.