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Founder’s Story

We are different. We believe in challenging the status quo in the financial services industry with our business model of independence, innovative pricing, and a values-based investment philosophy. Furthermore, while much of the industry focuses on investment products, we believe the mastery of 15 biblically-based financial principles is the key to building a level path toward financial freedom and sound investment management.

All of these convictions were developed over many years of experience in the industry. I got started in the financial services business in 1990 as a result of a passion for understanding biblical principles of finance and investing. For the first 18 years of my career I worked as a broker/financial consultant for two of the largest firms in the U.S. (Merrill Lynch for 9 years in Florida, then another 9 years with A.G. Edwards in Missouri after moving to be closer to family). Both of those experiences gave me opportunities to evaluate and study the benefits and disadvantages of large firms on behalf of my clients. After analyzing the various business models available in the industry, it became clear for me to start Level Paths for all the reasons mentioned above.

So if you are like the more than 10 million Americans¹ who desire a biblically-based approach to their financial solutions, and you want independent, conflict-free advice with an easy-to-understand and ‘tell your friends’ pricing structure, Level Paths is uniquely positioned to meet your needs and hopefully exceed your expectations.

Finally, although industry regulations prevent us from directly sharing client testimonials, we are more than happy to offer a list of client references upon request.

¹”Understanding the Christian Market Segment: The benefits of addressing the unique needs of evangelical Christian clients.” A White Paper by: Kingdom Advisors, August 2012.