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How Do You Get Started?

Step 1: How Can We Serve You? (Complimentary)
 Call our office to set up our initial get acquainted’ conference call to see if we can help. 

Seeing an opportunity to help, our follow up discovery work includes a request for completion of our ‘5 Docs’ checklist so we can gather data and set priorities for your proposals.

Step 2: What Are You Hiring Us to Do? (Complimentary)
Based on the results and discussion of your preliminary Financial Principles Progress Report, we introduce our technology and present our Financial Planning and Investment Management Proposals, all aimed at saving you 10-20% (or more) versus our competitors. After identifying the work we can perform on your behalf, together we complete your Financial Consulting Agreement and Investment Management Agreement to your satisfaction.

Step 3: ‘Let’s Get to Work.’
Agreements in hand, we implement your selected Services Package and pricing structure.