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Mission and Core Values

Financial Freedom. We help our clients achieve it, manage it, and pass it along.

The theme of our work is transformation, because we serve overcomers. In my experience of over 25 years as a financial professional, my observation of those truly successful with money is they share one common characteristic: they are overcomers. Overcomers understand that financial success requires a lifestyle of perseverance, discipline, and the humility to surround themselves with others who can help along the way.

We love our work, because we serve dedicated and inspiring people who hire us to be part of their “level paths” stories of overcoming the financial hurdles in life. Without exception, our clients hire us to make their financial lives easier, and they want proactive and insightful advice. We serve them in the areas of personal finance, investing, and estate planning by providing an easy-to-use system for mastering 15 key biblical disciplines (5 in each category) in order to achieve, manage, and pass along financial freedom. Some need our assistance in one area, yet many utilize our services for all three.

Whatever your situation, we look forward to an opportunity to help with your financial story.