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According to Webster’s Dictionary, perspective is “…the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance.” Certainly the Bible helps provide perspective for life, but finances, in particular. With over 2,350 passages regarding money¹, the Bible offers practical guidance and financial success principles for every stage of life. More importantly, however, it warns against financial pitfalls and the potential dangers inherent to wealth and prosperity.

Although some of our clients do not necessarily view life through a Judeo Christian worldview, all of our clients benefit from conservative financial guidance rooted in biblical principles. Many of our clients share our perspective and desire the integration of Christian stewardship principles as the central component to their decision-making  and financial plan. 

For those interested in this service, we invite you to view the 4 Key Stewardship Principles, the orientation video below, and the Stewardship Conversation and Stewardship Life Balance materials. We look forward to discussing these with you in our initial and complementary consultation.

4 Key Stewardship Principles

Stewardship Conversation

Stewardship Life Balance



²I have completed extensive training in this specialty field and currently maintain the Certified Kingdom Advisor designation, from Kingdom Advisors  I have over 25 years of experience in assisting Christian investors in this manner.  Importantly, our practice is to provide these specialized services upon request whereby materials provided by Level Paths are free of charge with supplemental links to various Christian ministries.